We have several committees established. If you would like to be considered for any of these committees, please feel free to let us know by contacting admin (at) womeningis (dot) com. In the body of your message, please let us know which committee you are interested in.

Mentorship Committee

Volunteers: Olivia DeSimone (Lead), Suzanne Wechsler, Saskia Cohick, and Lana Lau

Description: Responsible for determining mission, objectives and extent of mentorship effort as well as implementing framework and mechanism for mentorship program.  Also, coordinate with Storymap committee to see how existing storymap could be leveraged for purposes of mentorship effort.

They can be reached via email at mentorship (at) womeningis (dot) org.

Outreach Committee

Volunteers: Esther Mandeno (Lead), Eva Stern, Christina Boggs-Chavira, Hildemar Cruz, and Andrea Regalado

Description: Responsible for engaging members, managing online calendar, posting activities, encouraging/facilitating local chapter meetings, etc. Also rsponsible for collecting and assessing suggested changes to website, making changes as appropriate and necessary and keep website up-to-date.

They can be reached via email at outreach (at) womeningis (dot) org or webmaster (at) womeningis (dot) org.

Interview/Spotlight Committee

Volunteers: Kelsey Kaszas (lead), Sandra Nader Chakra, and Jeanie Amezcua

Description: Responsible for determining how WiGIS will spotlight key women in GIS.  i.e. video interview, textual record, etc. Compile list of potential spotlight candidates, contacting them to determine willingness to be interviewed, and recording their story.  Coordinate with Website committee to post on website.

They can be reached via email at spotlight (at) womeningis (dot) org.

Storymap Committee

Volunteers: Miriam Olivares (Lead), Mina Rouhi, Linda Loubert, Hayley Hume-Merry, Crystal Schiffbauer-Bowles, and Rhonda Houser

Description: Responsible for reviewing existing storymap website and seeing how WiGIS can leverage and expand upon what has already been done to assist in the WiGIS mission. E.g. including mentorship information, local chapter information etc.

They can be reached via email at storymap (at) womeningis (dot) org.